Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Clearly this month has been busy... more teeth, no sleep, and crafting bits and pieces in the very little spare time I've had. Most of the craft bits are unfinished or unphotographed, but here's what I did today.

I love making cards when I have the time, which means pretty much never these days. I looked in some local shops for cards though, and when you need three that quickly adds up. £4.50?! I don't think so, I'd rather get little presents for that price, so I did. The idea for little guy on the left just popped into my head on the walk home, and was so easy to put together. They're for some lovely neighbours of mine; one, three and five year olds all with birthdays this week, so of course I had to make the others! R was kept quiet with a nearly empty jar of chocolate spread... I'm feeling slightly guilty for the bribery, but it was great to have a quick 'I made something!' session. And I'm so proud of them!