Thursday, 24 April 2014

Enjoying the sunshine

When friends came visiting one glorious day a few weekends ago, we decided to go for a walk, after a lovely picnic in the back garden.
It was so good to see all the buds opening up (by now the flowers are coming through, how quickly things more this time of year!).
The walk started off being a bit of a farmyard safari!

It was great for the two littlies, our nearly toddler and our friend's 'just a bit too big to be called a' toddler. 

More banks full of wild garlic and bluebells, just starting to flower.
 The day was just stunning. 
 Whole hedgerows fluffy and white with blackthorn blossom.
 An odd mix of winter brown trees and the bright fresh greens of spring.
Such a delightful walk: the sun was wonderfully warm, smells of fresh new growth, the wonderful colours of spring, lambs baa-ing, the stream gurgling and sparkling. It lifted my spirits to be out in it all.

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